3 Great Fraternity Recruitment Tips

Follow these three keys to help you during fraternity recruitment:

1 – Be a good conversationalist

We have all been there before. It is fraternity rush, and you have just met a recruit for the first time. You ask him where he is from. You ask him what his major is. Awkward silence ensues after you exchange answers to those two dreadful questions. Brutal, awkward silence.

You have to do better than that if you want your fraternity recruitment to be more successful. You know you are going to be in that situation, so be prepared with some conversation starters. Here are some that can likely spark a conversation:

Ask him about the school’s football team. If he is a sports nut, then you will be able to make a conversation about it.

Ask him about what he did during the summer. Surely he took a vacation somewhere. This could lead to an interesting conversation.

Ask him if he has any questions about the school. Does he want to know what the best places to eat are? How about the best places to meet girls? You are able to share valuable information with him. He will be eager to hear it.

Above all, ask him what he thinks about fraternity. You don’t have to give him the full fraternity sales pitch to answer his questions. Remember that fraternity is going to be completely new to him. He will have questions. Answer them with stories from the recent past. This should open his mind to the recruitment idea.

Remember that the best way to be considered a good conversationalist is by asking a lot of open ended questions.

2 – Keep good records.

Your fraternity is going to spend a great amount of time and effort identifying high potential guys for recruitment. It would be a shame if that information wasn’t collected for the fraternity to use.

When I was an undergraduate, we had a big problem in this area one semester. We had our biggest rush event that fall and had a lot of new guys out to the house. We collected all their information and kept it in a binder.

After the rush event no one could find the binder. To make a long story short we lost the binder and lost the contact information of about 50 guys. What a waste.

3 – Recruit outside of events.

Fraternities get so focused on recruitment events. While they are important and part of fraternity culture, they aren’t the only way.

Your fraternity will probably have more success if you spend some time recruiting outside of your traditional recruitment events. This includes eating lunch with recruits. Inviting them to the gym to play ball. Having them over to watch a ball game. Playing video games with them in the dorms. You get the idea.

This was actually a tactic that I used for good success as an undergraduate. I found out that one recruit was a golf nut. I was a golf nut so I took him out to play golf. It wasn’t a rush event, just a couple guys going to play golf. The beauty of it was we spent 4 hours together on the course getting to know each other. The guy would end up becoming my little brother in the fraternity and would become fraternity president one day.

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